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Jonah Osa Uwu aka Jonah Bear is a 3yr old boy that LOVES learning, music, and pretend play!  Jonah enjoys playing with toys, games, and doing role play with his parents, Daddy & Mommy Bear.  Jonah’s goal is to create content that resonate with children all over the world!

Jonah Toys and Games is a kid friendly series where 3 year old Jonah aka Jonah Bear enjoys various Toys and Games with his Mom and Dad! Some of Jonahs favorite Toys, Games, and characters are Cars, Trucks, Action Figures, Colors, Shapes, Pretend Play, Thomas The Train, PJ Masks, Disney, Marvel, and Lego toys and games!   Thank you for visiting Jonah’s Website, if you haven’t already, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to all of Jonah’s channels to keep up with all of Jonah’s Awesome Adventures!

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Daddy Bear, Mommy Bear, and Jonah Bear are here to bring you joy through music, fun, and laughter!
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